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Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Assessment

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Our expertise in Workplace Safety and Health Compliance Assessment meets prevalent regulatory guidelines.

1. Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
(Referenced to NIOSH Test Methods and Other Internationally Recognized Methods; Compliance Test to Workplace Safety & Health Act (General Provisions) Regulations 2006: Permissible Exposure Limits of Toxic Substances)

  • Airborne Contaminants
    o     Acids (HCI, HNO3, H2SO4)
    o     Asbestos
    o     Dust (Fiber, Carbon, Metals, Silica)
    o     Formaldehyde
    o     Oil Mist
    o     Soldering Fumes (Pb, Sn)
    o     Solvents
    o     Toxic Metals (Lead, Chromium, Nickel, Colbalt and Others)
    o     Toxic Gases (Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide)
    o     Volatile Organic Compounds

2. Compressed and Breathing Air
(Referenced to ISO 8573-1, DIN 3188, SS548 and Other Internationally Recognized Methods and Standards)

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Oil mist
  • Oxygen
  • Particles (Mass & Size Distribution)

3. Indoor Air Quality, Assessment
(Referenced to SS554: 2009 and Other Internationally Recognized Methods; Indoor Air Quality for Air Conditioned Buildings)

  • Thermal Comfort
    o     Air Temperature and Operative Temparature
    o     Air Movement
    o     Relative Humidity
  • Chemical Airborne Contaminants
    o     Carbon Dioxide
    o     Carbon Monoxide
    o     Volatile Organic Compounds
    o     Formaldehyde
    o     OzoneRelative Humidity
    o     Respirable Suspended Particles (4 to 10 microns)
  • Bioaerosal Contaminants
    o     Total Viable Mould Count
    o     Total Viable Bacterial Count
    o     Speciation of Bacteria in Indoor Air
    o     Identification of Mould in Indoor Air

4. Workplace Noise Monitoring
(Referenced to BA 7445, ANSI S12.19-1996 and Other Internationally Recognized Methods and Standards); Compliance test to Workplace Safety and Health (Noise) Regulations 2011

  • Workplace (Formerly Factory) Noise
  • Office Noise Referenced to SS514 :2005

5. Illumination & Lighting
(Referenced to SS 531- Part 1 (2006): Lighting for Work Places and Other Internationally Recognized Methods and Standards

6. Heat & Thermal Stress Exposure
(Referenced to ISO 7243 and Other Internationally Recognized Methods and Standards); Conformance Test to CP 27 Code Of Practice For Factory Layout – Safety, Health and Welfare Considerations

7. Occupational Safety Assessment Services

  • Qualitative Industrial Hygiene Assessment
  • Materials Safety Data Management