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Our testing arm comprises a broad spectrum of expertise that provides an integrated and comprehensive array of cutting-edge services including:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Environmental Testing & Assessment
  • Food & Beverages Testing
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring (Qualitative / Quantitative Assessment)
  • Materials Engineering Services (Failure Analysis, Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing)
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Occupational Health Assessment (Noise / Airborne Contaminants)
  • Product Reliability Testing
  • Precious Metals Assaying

We are actively involved in the whole process from design to delivery. Our assistance has aided our customers in mitigating material, component and product failures right from the beginning of their process.

We house some of the latest equipment and technology, including the largest electrodynamics vibration test system in South East Asia, which can perform vibration tests of up to 200kN force.

Our comprehensive consultancy solutions are customised to meet specific needs and requirements. We cover the entire processes from consultancy, procurement, installation and commissioning to training, operation and after-sales support. This includes the set up of vibration/climatic test systems and environmental solutions.

Our seamless integrated services remain the proven choice for customers from various industries.