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Pressure Vessels/ Structural Steel/ Piping

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Typical Inspection Activities:

1 Third Party Inspection  For Structural Steel , Oil , Gas & Petroleum, Chemical Plant Construction Projects. 
2 Inspect,Witness, Review & Endorse Welders Qualification Tests, Welding Procedure Specification Tests, Mechanical Tests, Hydro & Pneumatic Tests, Non-Destructive Tests. Fabrication Of Structural Steel, Pressure Vessels, Pressure Piping, Storage Tank Components, Offshore Rig, Jackets & Structures Etc, In The Following Industries:-  Aerospace, Marine, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas& Petroleum And Chemical Plants.
3 Conduct Training Provide Training For Welders, Welding Inspectors , QA & QC Engineers, Supervisors In The Following Subjects:- "Welding (Allied) Processes, Welding Theory, Metallurgy, Welding Discontinuities, Weld Visual Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, QA & QC Documentation. 
4 Conduct Audit Conduct Factory Audits To Verify Compliance To International Codes / Standards 
5 Provide Welding Procedures, Inspection Procedures, Inspection Test Plans Etc.
  • Review the Quality Manual
  • Pre-inspection meeting and audit of fabricator facilities / plants
  • Review fabrication and erection procedures
  • Review of welding procedures specification, procedure qualification records, welder and welding operator qualification records
  • Select weld joints for testing & witness non-destructive testing and and assess all results
  • Review all documents and records including but not limiting to Dimensions, Procedures and Testing
  • Verify all welding procedure and welding qualification records at site
  • Review of material test certificates / records, verify or inspect material and witness pre-treatment processes, if any
  • Inspect delivered structural members for damage due to handling and transportation
  • Perform visual inspection and verify dimensional records
  • Inspect the assembly of structural members at erection site prior to welding
  • Witness cutting / edge joint preparations, verify joint geometry and inspect fit-up conditions
  • Verify that welding processes are carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedures, codes / standards and relevant documents
  • Select weld for testing and witness site NDT
  • Inspect all welds
  • Final inspection of all structural members