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Lifting Equipment & Accessories

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Industrial Equipment & Machinery (Type A Inspection Body)

  • Lifting Gears:
    o     Wire Rope Sling (Single, Multi-legged Slings)
    o     Chain Sling
    o     Flat Woven Webbing Sling
    o     Chain Block
    o     Lever Block
    o     Lifting Beam
    o     Shackle
    o     Webbing Sling
  • Lifting Platforms (Scissors Lift, Hydraulic Working Platforms etc)
  • Lifting Machine (Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane, Pillar Crane, Wheel Mounted Crane etc)
  • Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Offshore Services

  • Offshore Load Test and Inspection Services

Air Receivers

  • Services and Inspection on Air Receivers according to MOM WSH Act 2006.